Stinger Tailed Trout Fly (STTF2)

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Stinger Tailed Trout Fly (STTF2)

Colours Available: White/Red, Orange/Dark Grey, Black/Yellow

Quantity: 1 per pack 

 Weight:  0.3g  Lighter then flies of an equivalent size for example; the Fly in the picture for comparison purposes, weight 0.5g, when dry.
Lenght: 2 ½ “/6 cm when retrieved in the water
 Tail : Made from high quality ultra light weight sinthetic rubber
The Stinger Tail will continue to wiggle when retrieved slowly, when other types have stopped working.
Our flies out perform soft plastic curly tailed flies and are lighter, stronger with more stretch.
Holds better on the hook, as the binding does not cut into the material, as with soft plastics.
The ultra light weight combined with slow retrieves makes our flies ideal for traditional fly rod casting and retrieving.
A big mouthful that wiggles and easy to cast long distance due to the light weight design 
They have built in action that looks wiggles and feels like a small fish.
 The Stinger Tailed Trout fly is ideal for all types of predatory fish, brown, rainbow, sea trout, salmon, pike, perch, bass, etc.
Note: Stinger Tails can be brought on our Accessories section for making your own flies or for enhanceing ready tied flies 
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