Mezz Flip-Flop Fly Lure With wiggle Action

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Mezz Flip-Flop Fly Lure With wiggle Action

A very different unique new fly design, that as the name implies Flip-Flops from side to side as it is retrieved. This action makes the thin sheet rubber body slap against the hook shank, creating noise wiggle, vibration, movement and a realistic action of a fish that is wounded or in distress. The action is so strong that it will be felt through the rod and line when retrieving.

Try retrieving the fly lure with short sharp pulls and pauses to allow the lure to sink then jig it up again and continue with a short sharp retrieve. Continue these types of actions to the end of the retrieve.

Try slow steady strait retrieves or retrieve it close to the bottom.  When fishing over a flat sandy bottom try short retrieves with long pauses with the fly lure resting on the bottom, with sudden jigs upwards. The hook shape in conjunction with the rubber body make the hook point face upwards when laying on the bottom, which helps prevent fail hooking.

Try adding a split shot on the tag end of connecting knot, for fast sinking and jigging or sink and draw action.

Try a small piece of foam on the hook bend, so that the tail is on the surface with the head under the water, and then work the fly over the surface with stops and start and long pauses.

Try floating or sinking lines combined with the above described retrieves for a large variety of ways to present this type of fly lure.

Ideal for most types of predatory game and coarse fish on both still and flowing waters. Ideal for big reservoir and loch, cannibal trout that only feed on fish.        Stocked trout are very partial to these fly lures as well.

The action can be changed by moving the rubber hook stop alon the hook shank

To add extra colour use permanent ink marker pens.

Quantity: 1 per pack

Hook size: 1 long shank specialist curve

Lenght: 3”-7.5cm

Weight: 0.7g

Colours: Sivlerblue, Transparent Skin, Transparent Silver, Dark Silver, Silvergreen, Red, Green, Yellow, orange, White, Pink, Blue (with yellow/Black or Red/ Black eye)

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