5 Squib Flies Mixed Colours (5SFMC)

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5 Squib Flies Mixed Colours (5SFMC)

Quantity: 1 pack of 5 Squib Flies Mixed Colours, ready tied to hooks

Colour: Red, Green/Grey, Orange, Pink and Green

Hook Size: 16

Approximate Body Length when extended and retrieved in the water : 1 ½” - 3.5 cm

Body Made from : Light weight, strong , thin sinthetic rubber.

A small ultra light weight fly with built in wiggle action.

Ideal for either straight retrieves that imitates a small Elver Eel,  with plenty of lifelike action at all depths including over the surface.

Try it with or without a small split shot on the tag end of hook knot or sink putty on the leader and use it sink and draw style to imitate a blood worm or other types of emerging/ struggling life forms.   .

The wiggle action will work both: when it sinks and when retrieved upwards. (When a split shot is added)

Ideal for using on their own or with a team of flies.

Works equally well in still or flowing waters.

Ideal for rainbow, brown and sea Trout, etc.






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