Mezz 5 Wiggle Action Blood Worm Flies ( WABWF/5/MIXED)

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Mezz 5 Wiggle Action Blood Worm Flies ( WABWF/5/MIXED)

To make something so small with real inbuilt action and lifelike movement is not the easiest of things to make, especially when it comes to something as small as a blood worm imitation.  We think that we have made one and resent testing has showen that they work and catch well.

They are made from light weight thin synthetic sheet rubber, which has several advantages over soft plastic baits firstly they are thinner and lighter, when combined with elastically /stretch they will always revert back to their original coiled shape when jigged or pulled through the water and stopped suddenly. This makes a very realistic wiggling coiling motion that is similar in many ways to a real blood worm’s action.

They can be fished with or without extra weight added to make them either jigging/sink and draw type retrieves when weight is added. When left free with no weight, slow sinking combined with short sharp pulls off  the line either  vertically or horizontally. They can be fished on their own or as a team of flies. They can be retrieved normally and imitate very small Elva’s or other Types of life forms in the water.

These flies are ideally suited to fly fishing methods and tactics for trout and many other types of fish that feed on blood worm, which basically means most fish.

Tied to a size Hook: 16

Colours: Set No. 1 (1 Red, 1 Orange, 1 Green, 1 Darkgreen, 1 Pink ) or

                   Set No. 2   ( 1Yellow, 1Brown, 1 Purpl, 1 Bronze, 1 Black)

Quantity: 5 per pack (Mixed Colours)

See also untied Blood worm bodies in accessories  section


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