Fly Fishing 1.6g. Czech Nymph with Attracter Blade Fitted (1.6G/CNAB/)

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Fly Fishing 1.6g. Czech Nymph with Attracter Blade Fitted (1.6G/CNAB/)

Something different’ for fly fishing, when a fly is needed to get down in the water fast and deep.

  The plastic skirt and attracter blade adds extra colour movement, flash and vibration.

  The hook point is on top of the fly and this helps to prevent unwanted hook ups on the river bed and helps the angler to fish more confidently very close to bottom features where the fish often are.

 An ideal fly lure for fishing deep with strait retrieves or for jigging type retrieves up and down to cover a lot of water. This type of fly lure is ideal for both still and flowing waters.

  A fly lure that is well worth having in your fly box selection when the need arises to fish deep, for trout, salmon, perch, chub, bass and most predatory game, sea and course fish.

Weight: 1.6g

 Colours: red, pink, green, yellow and mixed pack of 4

Can be brought from our website in either mixed packs of four or in packs of four all of one colour. 

Quantity: 1 per pack or mixed pack of 4

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