4 Rainbow Trout Flies With Attracter Blades Fitted

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4 Rainbow Trout Flies With Attracter Blades Fitted

These flies comes with a fitted attracter blade. Which means it's ready to go and change the way you fish forever!

The fitted attracter blade adds extra flash, movement and vibration - increasing water activity and realism to the fly lure. Once you have used the Mezz Fishing Tackle range of flies and attracter blades you will not want to fish without them!

The attracter blade also acts as a hook snagging device which helps prevent the hook laying flat in the fishes mouth - resulting in more hooked fish. Aside from this benefit, the attracter blade also ensures that the fly is retrieved on an even keel.

 Note: Attracter Blades can be brought on our Accessories section.


  • Colour: Black, red, white and yellow
  • Hook Size: 14
  • Quantity: 4 flies per pack with attracter blades fitted






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