Suede Leather Elva/Eel Fly Bodies (SL3)

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Suede Leather Elva/Eel Fly Bodies (SL3)

This new product has a number of advantages over most existing similar types of bodies that are made from soft plastic curly tails, squirmy Wormies and straight cut chamois leather, etc.

We originally made these types of leather bodies from Chamois leather then found out that suede leather is much better ,as it holds its shape well, can be left to dry out and then used time after time. Suede leather doesn’t stretch as much as chamois leather and is much stronger. Suede leather also comes in a number of different colours; this will enable us to make several other new innovative products for fly fishing, sea fishing and course fishing.

Firstly, the actual shape makes them wiggle when in the water and being retrieved and this can only help attract fish.                                                                                                                   They are much stronger than soft plastic type curly tails and squirmy wormies and are better for fitting to hooks without constantly falling of all the time.                                                                             

They can be used in a number of ways, i.e.: to make flies that are tied to the hook in the traditional way and extra coloured fibres added to help enhance the fly. Another new way to fit them to hooks is similar to how we fit our sheet rubber Quick Change flies to hooks and this is by fitting the hook point twice through the head of the suede body to hold it firmly on the hook. (See our website for rubber bodied quick change flies) When using them this way it is best to squeeze the barb right down to a micro barb as this helps removal of the fly when changing colours or types etc. Another option is once they are fitted to the hook this way and then simply add glue and /or use tying thread to secure them permanently on the hook. We find that the fly works more naturally in the water when it is tied or fitted so that the body is on the hook bend and not tied along the hook shank. An ideal hook to use for this method of tying or fitting to a hook, is a down eyed nymph type hook.

 Suede leather is ideal for adding colour, oils and flavourings to these flies, baits and lures. This is something that is often overlooked in fly fishing, but well understood by many anglers that sea fish, use dead baits for pike, course anglers and carp anglers that the use  various oils and flavourings to enhance their baits. There is a whole industry catering for the needs of anglers that now days use oils and flavour additives to enhance their baits and this has to help confirm that it does work. With game fishing this type of thing is not used much and when discussed among fellow fly fishing anglers there is much heated debate as to whether it works or not and whether it is ethical in the first place. Famous fly fishing anglers in the past were not shy of putting a maggot on their fly and I can well remember seeing an angling documentary were a camera was fitted in front of the trailed dead bait and a salmon (If memory serves me right, I believe that it was a Pacific salmon) was seen to be following what could only have been the scent trail of the bait before grabbing the bait.


 When these flies are fitted so that they are tied, glued or just held with the hook going twice through the head end of the body and positioned on the hook bend it is a very simple and effective way of fishing these flies close to the bottom and to make it even better with less chance of constantly fail hooking the bottom, tie the hook knot with an extra long tag end and applying a split shot to the extra line making sure that the tag faces the opposite way to the hook bend. When tying and the tag end is facing the wrong way, it is a simple matter to put the tag end through the hook eye so that it faces the opposite way from the hook point This way the hook will be facing upwards and away from the bottom when a split shot is applied to the tag end of the knot.

If other colours are needed then use Permanent ink marker pens to apply extra colour. As for flavours, it is simple to add one of the many products on the market.  A simple way of carrying cod liver or halibut oil, is to use  cod  liver or halibut oil tablets so that they can be cut open and a small amount added to the suede leather every so often .Remember little and often is normally better than one big application.

 Having oils such as cod liver, halibut, olive oil or linseed oil helps to keep the Suede bodies’ supple.

Quantity: 1 pack of 5

Length of body when in the water and being retrieved: 2 1/2" - 6 cm

Colour: Light Beige

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