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Our aim is to introduce new and unique flies, something different to bring new life and more choice to fly fishing.

Designs that have built in vibration, wobble, flash and lifelike movement, something that is lacking in most traditional fly designs of today.

Many Fly Anglers seem to have over looked other types of fly fishing concentrating too much on Trout reservoir fly fishing.

Forgetting much of what was learnt in the past, when there were more varied types of flies and fly lures , also a larger variation of fish sort after.

This change came about when fixed spool reels and nylon lines were developed and casting small lures etc, became much easier.

What was forgotten, was the fact that fly fishing methods have some unique ways of presenting flies and small lures in ways that no other casting methods could do, i.e : finesse , presentation, accuracy, depth control, line control, speed of retrieve, directional control, types of retrieve ,etc to name a few of the advantages of fly fishing.

Especially when used in conjunction with other types of fly casting lures.

When you combine the best of fly fishing methods with lures that have inbuilt action, wobble, vibration and lifelike movement etc similar to traditional lures, i.e spoons, plugs, spinners, etc.

You get the best of both worlds with few if any of the vices of either.

Another interesting aspect of using these types of fly lures is the undeniable fact that they are ideal for other types of fish and not just game fish, i.e, Perch, Pike, Chub, Zander, Dace and even more surprising Roach, Rudd and Carp.

Using these types of fly lures opens up vast new areas to fish, locally and economically, Lakes, reservoirs, rivers and canals, etc. One of the problems of fly fishing is the limited amount of Trout waters and there costs along with to many rules and regulations, etc, that is stifling the sport, these are some of the many reasons why fly fishing is not being taken up by new anglers, especially amongst the young.

Another hurdle that new anglers to fly fishing have difficulty with is: learning about choice of flies in relation to insect life.

These fly lures overcome this problem as they usually represent a small fish or fry, which is easy to understand and have an idea of how to retrieve them, etc.

Also they are well suited for new fly anglers that come into fly fishing from traditional lure angling.
Anglers’ being able to fly fish for a larger variety of fish on a larger choice of waters without all the petty rules, regulations, bans and costs, etc.

This is an ideal way of helping to bring new comers into fly fishing and once they have learnt the basics and are catching fish then perhaps they will go on to learn more traditional methods of fly fishing .

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