1 1/2" / 3.7 cm Swivel-less Salmon Spinner/Spoon Fly Fishing Lure (with fibres)

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1 1/2" / 3.7 cm Swivel-less Salmon Spinner/Spoon Fly Fishing Lure (with fibres)

Second new design is the same as the first new design with added fibres tied to the hook shank for added attraction and lure enhancement and fish attracting qualities

                                                                                      How to use and Tips

A unique new design of light weight spinner fly lure that has been specifically designed without a swivel or split rings, to save weight. Fits direct to leader and cast the same as normal flies. When retrieved the unique design allows the lure to spin, first one way for a few seconds, then stops and spins the opposite way. This is repeated until the end of the retrieve. This unique action is achieved by allowing the leader to twist then untwist as the fly lure is retrieved.

For hook size 18 swivel-less fly fishing lure use leaders 2 ½ lb- 4lb or 1.3Kg – 1.8Kg

Hook size 14 swivel-less fly lure use leader 5lb – 8lb or 1.8Kg-3.6Kg

3cm fly lure use leaders 6lb-15lb or 2.7Kg – 6.8Kg

1 ½” fly lure use leaders 6lb-15lb or 2.7Kg-6.8Kg

This is only a guide and depends on make, type and stiffness of leader used. If you have line twisting type tangles increase line weight, or if the fly lure does not spin freely decrease line weight. Try all the normal type retrieves along with sink and draw (up/down). Also retrieves with pauses, when the timing is right and the leader twisted up, the fly lure will continue to spin when sinking. Try them retrieved on or just under the surface. The hook on the front allows more wiggle and lifelike movement even when retrieved very slowly and the fly lure will swim at a more natural angle. The hook being at a right-angled to the blade acts as a hook snagging device and gives more positive hooking of the fish.

As well as having a spinning action it also has a spoon type wiggle action, depending on speed of retrive flow of the water or bend in the fly lure body.

Bend it more /less to change the lure action, for fast flowing rivers bend the lure body strait and for slow flowing rivers and still waters put a bend in the lure body.

What’s more this design of unique fly lure also has a fluttering action when left to sink or when jigging retrieving, sink and draw style, this action imitates distressed, sick, dying fish.     Even better, why not try a combination of all three varied actions when retrieving.

This unique design with the hook on the front which has several advantages over lures with the hook at the rear.

1.     Swims on a more natural angle, not tail down, as lures with hooks at the rear tend to do.

2.     With no hook at the rear to hold it back, this lures action is much more free and will still wiggle, spin at  very slow retrieve speeds, when other types of lures have stopped working.

3.     The hook will lay hook point up when the lure is left to sink and rest on the river/lake bed with less chance of fail hooking the bottom.

4.     These lures with the hook at the front do not catch up on obstructions as much as conventional lures with their hooks at the rear tend to do.

5.     The hook bend being at a 90% angle to the lure body, helps to act as a hook snagging device when a fish grabs and increases the chance of a more secure hook hold.

6.     Having the hook at the front definitely helps to prevent accidentally catching or tangling with the leader when fly casting.

7.     The unique design of just one hook and body is firstly much lighter than conventional flies which make them much lighter and well suited for casting on a fly rod and line. Also more suited to fly fishing, retrieving and tactics, etc.

8.     Having just one hook without the need of a swivel and two extra split rings there can be no chance of a swivel or split rings failing.

9.     This design prevents the fish from being able to use the lure body to leaver out the hook when it is being played.

10.   This design helps with more positive hook holds, normally in the front of the mouth and rarely deeply hooked, which helps with easy unhooking and helps when doing catch and release or when fly fishing for coarse  fish.

11.   Hook can be quickly changed for other types of hooks.

12.   Better turnover of the leader and fly lure, especially in windy conditions. 

Some anglers have difficulty accepting this new radical design concept and may well believe that they will lose fish with the hook at the front. What we have found is the only fish lost because of this design concept, are small fish. If you want to catch small fish then change down to a smaller fly lure. Such as a size 10 or14 swivel-less fly lure.

Not that these bigger fly lures don’t catch their fair share of small fish as well at times.  Fish that have eyes bigger then there belly.

 With tail nipping trout which are normally recently released stocked trout or small course fish. They will still nip at these lures until they hook themselves. Also how many missed bites are put down to a tail nipping fish, when the reality could be that the lure was taken from the side and not from the rear.  Look at big lob worms which are normally hooked way up the body they still catch fish without trouble.

The many listed advantages should far our way the odd lost small fish that may be lost due to this design of lure.

Comes in a choice of 5 colours with big glued on eye for added fish attracting qualities a brilliant fly lure for all types of predatory fish, game, coarse and sea.

For Salmon and Sea Trout Fly fishing, this static spinning, wobble action can be utilised when casting downstream and across or when holding the fly in the current and letting the current work this type of fly with this unique action.

Quantity: 1 per pack

Body length: 1 ½” -3.7 cm

Weight: 1 g

Hook size: 4

 Colours: See colour  Chart for details


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